Newport Rising Festival 2019 has come to an end - but what an amazing four days it was, with great music, acts, hundreds of damp but determined marchers carrying torches for the 180th anniversary of the Newport Rising, a marriage proposal in the Westgate ballroom (they said yes), great talks, meetings and new ideas...

Thanks to everyone involved that has helped make Newport Rising worthwhile and to everyone that came to events over the four days, we hope you enjoyed and we hope to see you again very soon...


Thanks to our sponsors Heritage Lottery Fund, RingMasterUK, Newport City Council, Tiny Rebel Brewing Co., Monmouthshire Building Society, Western Power Distribution and of course Our Chartist Heritage...


...but though the festival might be finished but we aren't - because the Rising never stops. We've got many more events, continued works planned and fundraising for 2020 and beyond. If you'd like to support the work we do, you can back our Gofundme here or buy some great merchandise from our web store here.  Proceeds to local charity Our Chartist Heritage to fund the festival and related events.

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Photos by Kamila Jarczak

Video by Adam Prosser

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We're staying at the Westgate Hotel (for now, at least...!)

Thanks to the hard work of our volunteer team - preparing the Westgate Hotel for the launch of our graphic novel in just 6 weeks - We've been given the fantastic opportunity to continue to operate in and from the Westgate Hotel, repairing, improving and working to re-open the building to the public once more.


Not only can we use the building as a venue for Newport Rising Festival and other events, festival backers Our Chartist Heritage are in close communication with the building's owners and are working together to repair, re-instate and investigate new uses for the building that will enable us to continue to tell the Chartist story in Newport while improving the visual appearance of the building and exploring possible routes to a permanent re-opening of the building as a mixed use heritage, arts and community hub - but we need your help! 

Unused for approx 15 years, the building has been damaged and essential infrastructure has been stolen or has fallen into disrepair. We'll do as much as we can, but your help and the support of the community will make more possible, enable us to secure the safety and future of the building, promote Newport's heritage and *potentially* bring the building back into use in the future. We believe in Newport and think the impact that re-opening one of Newport's most iconic buildings could have is massive. It's a long road but we're determined to make a start, together. Please join us on our journey.

We're hosting an open afternoon/evening at the  Westgate Hotel on Monday 19th August from 4pm until 8pm for anyone that wants to get involved, or just wants to find out more - please come along and meet the team.


We've also begun a fundraising drive via Gofundme here 

to raise the necessary funds to help us get the right professionals, equipment and advice to do things right and lay the foundations for the future at the centre of Newport. If you can't give time but want to help, we will really appreciate your donation and Gofundme does not take a cut from your donation which means the charity (Our Chartist Heritage) can achieve more with your help.

Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter etc to keep updated on the project as it develops - thank you for your support.

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