Coronavirus Update 13th April 2020

Like many organisations, we’ve had to cancel events and fundraisers that were planned due to the current Coronavirus outbreak. We’re still as passionate as ever about Newport and the role that the city played in the fight for democracy though and we want to continue to tell those stories and inspire new generations while we prepare for when social distancing measures can be safely removed and Newport can rise again.

We don’t know what the future looks like or what it means for the festival at this point, but we wanted to make some of  our digital assets freely available in the hope that it might entertain, educate or simply provide a temporary distraction from current events. Below you'll find a short video documentary by Jack Henry of Wide Island Films that covered the re-opening of the Westgate Hotel by our volunteer team in preparation for the launch of Newport Rising: Chartism Redrawn graphic novel, digital versions of the graphic novel itself and a virtual tour of portions of the Westgate Hotel that also contains info on the history of the building and some of the work that Newport Rising and Our Chartist Heritage has delivered in the last year or so.

The graphic novel is aimed at young adults and we know that a lot of that generation are stuck at home at the moment, but we don’t think this is just for them. Welsh language speakers and learners might enjoy the welsh language version of the graphic novel, while Jack Henry’s documentary gives a great insight and look at the Westgate Hotel as well as the historical facts of the events of 1839 and the virtual tour of the building complements that and offers a way to visit the building for those in isolation.


What’s been inspiring for us is seeing communities band together to help each other out. Some of our volunteers have taken the initiative and have joined other voluntary networks involved in helping the vulnerable with food deliveries, supporting the NHS and making face masks and it seems that similar things are happening all over the country. 


We hope you enjoy the creations below and look forward to seeing you all safe and well soon.


Newport Rising is backed by local charity Our Chartist Heritage (Charity no. 1176673) and you can support our work  by donating or purchasing merchandise from our store here

Virtual Tour of the Westgate Hotel (mobile users click here)

Newport Rising: Chartism Redrawn graphic novel (English and Welsh versions)

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We're staying at the Westgate Hotel (for now, at least...!)

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