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“The spread of fake news is a growing problem, particularly online, with serious consequences in the real world...fake news is a clear threat to the democratic process, with the potential to severely disrupt the exercise of free and fair elections.” Sander van der Linden & Jon Roozenbeek Cambridge University (link)
Fight for Facts delivers workshops, learning resources and supporting materials designed to help us all to minimise the harmful effects of misinformation on our democracy and communities.
The first of a series of shorts on fake news and misinformation. Introduction by Mo Jannah followed by historical context by historian Raymond Stroud.
Episode 2. Mo Jannah explains how social media has radically altered the way we receive news, what that means and why it's important.
Episode 3. Mo Jannah runs through Stanford History Education Group's three rules for investigating information and explains why they are useful for countering misinformation.
Episode 4. Mo explains some of the techniques that are used to spread misinformation and what to look out for.
Young ambassadors from Urban Circle to worked with Newport Rising to produce the following Welsh language versions of the Fight for Facts video shorts below:

Additional resources

The videos and resources below are not created or maintained by Newport Rising but may be useful for further learning. For educators, community leaders or interested parties we recommend the following organisations for further learning:
Mediawise at the Poynter Institute (link) for high quality media literacy learning materials with a focus on democracy. (US/International)

First Draft (link to website) Explore a free library of training content provided by First Draft’s highly experienced team. These online courses, toolkits and resources are designed to help both journalists and the public build expertise and stay one step ahead of misinformation. First Draft also provides access to their verification toolbox here, an Essential Guide to Verifying Online Information (link) (Polish Version) and other resources here (link)

Crash Course - John Green on navigating digital information for engaging, bitesize video explainers aimed at young adults but with broad appeal ( YouTube playlist link)
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