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Graphic Novel 'Newport Rising: Chartism Redrawn' *Second Edition*

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Newport Rising: Chartism Redrawn

Due to incredible demand, this is work is now on its second edition print and digital copy of 'Newport Rising' - a graphic novel re-imagining of the Chartist Uprising in Newport. Art and story by the highly talented local artist Josh Cranton in collaboration with RISE PROPAGANDA and Our Chartist Heritage (Charity no. 1176673)

Newport Rising: Chartism Redrawn is intended to reconnect new audiences with the story of Newport Rising - and unashamedly re-imagines the historical events and plays fast and loose with the facts, placing the key characters of John Frost, 'Zeph' Williams and William Jones in a contemporary setting as leather clad punks. The project is intended to reach new audiences and act as a starting off point for interested readers to begin to explore the real facts of the rising, which we think it does not just beautifully but also with an undeniable rebelliousness.

A work of incredibly high quality, with stunning illustrations, story and prose. All proceeds to Our Chartist Heritage.

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